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As soon as you walk into our vestibule you will be greeted by our friendly staff and guided in the right direction for whatever your needs may be.

Our spacious corridor provides plenty of room for friends to gather and reminisce about their favorite memories.

Plenty of seating allows for you and your family to spread out and get comfortable throughout our home as if it was your own.

The picture above and the picture below displays viewing room "A". This room is mainly used as a gathering room so that pictures and other various memories can be displayed and recollected on without having a large crowd collect in the main viewing room

The picture above shows that room "A" and room "B" are open and free flowing to your family and guests so they can feel comfortable to roam about as they please.

The picture above and the picture below displays our main viewing room "B". This room is where the majority of viewings will be held. It provides plenty of room for flowers and any other tribute items you feel appropriate. The room  also provides the space for family and incoming friends to pay their respects to your loved one with the ceremony or viewing you feel fitting.


The picture above shows viewing room and room "C"

In the picture above and below you will see Viewing Room "C". This room is plenty big enough for a good size crowd yet cozy enough that you don't feel distant from your family and friends. Also this room has a separate seating room for everyone to settle in and make themselves comfortable.

The picture above displays the extra seating room that is attached to viewing room "C".

In the picture above and the picture below you see our chapel. The chapel provides plenty of room for a large funeral service and a speaker system is in place to assure that every word is heard. If necessary, this room will be broken down into a viewing room to better accommodate your needs.


Above and below you will see our lounge. This room is set up so that you, your family, and your guests can get away and enjoy light refreshments during viewing hours.


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